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Interesting article, one of my team shared this with me and asked me if I agreed with the section on having a young child reducing burnout/the chance of burnout for me. I can buy that, I'm not 100% convinced it's *all* down to mission doubt in the way of "needing to feed them". So I thought I'd note a couple of observations on a complicated topic, I'm not sure how you'd categorise them:

1. If you want to be present for your child you HAVE to step away from the computer/phone whatever to engage with them. This is a different type of busy and exhausting but it is essentially a "break" for work and so you are ready to engage at work - honestly I've been excited to go into work as respite at times, I love my baby though, honest :D!

2. Work stress, as a contributor to burnout can be reduced. When you have a child the experience of birth, caring for them and loving them makes your perspective and priorities change, so whilst things at work/your business are important, to me, my baby is more important - so if they are ok then I can get through other challenging situations and dynamics.

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