Firstly, long-time reader, first-time poster and love everything you do!

I have a couple (personal) requests/suggestions for future posts like this.:

1. Please add an Appendix so it's easier to navigate. I would have added this myself but the titles need to be converted to subheadings so the hyperlink exists.

2. Consider linking to GoodReads alongside Amazon for those who keep a to-read list there :)

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Hi Daniel - thanks so much for the kind words. I'll definitely add GoodReads links to future posts like this!

For the Appendix - you mean something at the end that has the consolidated list of all the links?

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I don't know why I said Appendix... I mean to say "Table of Contents".

It's a bit of a manual process on substack (there are blog posts explaining how to do this) but it's very useful for those who do!

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